November 27, 2009

Random Expressions...!!!

She asked;

While walking across the road, if some one crush the rose flower you dropped, is it their fault?

And I just realized that I dropped it… Oh this is all my fault.

Damn it... I forgot that, it was my life...

Now no one was there to answer, I looked at her not knowing what to say

Nothing will make better, we broke the thread that kept us together.

She went the next day, and I didn’t heard from her for years, until yesterday

She called my up, to finally to say “it was our life”.

November 23, 2009

Moving with the Waves...!

She sat in sand watching the waves touching her feet; she could feel the cold water making her feel light .The cool breeze was easing the moments of solitude.
She looked at the distant horizon, tears blocked her sight. She knew he is there somewhere, though out of her sight. Back home, she curled herself against the pillow, so that no one hear her crying. She had learned the hard way that, it only makes her weak.

November 2, 2009

Between You and Me

Tears running down cheeks,

She cried until she saw him, smiling at her,

She knew its fine now, nothing can go wrong

He took her hand and she made her first step

That was years ago. Now when I walk with Pa slowly to his pace, hearing him telling about my childhood stories, I smiled wondering, things haven’t changed much. I am still that emotional, sensitive, stubborn person though I am not a chatterbox anymore. Pa was asking about my career, job and of course finally my marriage. I knew this was coming, but hearing from Pa was a different thing coz he never accepted that I have grown up and them suddenly he was talking about his daughters’ marriage. I saw that ease again in me that I was always comfortable talking to Pa about anything and everything, there was nothing to hide, he just knew everything.

Last some weeks I was stuck up with my work, having not enough time to talk to anyone. I heard my pals complaining, asking me to slow down. Lot of festivals passed without much celebration; even during diwali I surprised myself by separating myself from the crowd. I guess it was essential. Finally I was ready to give an answer to Pa. Amma was always a silent spectator; she knew she can’t influence me the way Pa do.

I haven’t really accepted the thing that I am getting old so I should start looking before “I get out of the market” in broker’s terms. But then I don’t have enough time and have to do a dozen things. Times ahead might be tough but surely interesting though in between I may bid farewell to Mumbai with memories for a life time and few people in mind, which I am sure, a part of my life.

Guys, I am back to blogging… now onwards I am sure that you can see me regular on your post and comments J

I know I have a lot to cover….