May 2, 2013

My World of Illusions !!

Oh! How incredible this life is, the magical journey of illusions
Like a dream, you give me the world in one hand for a moment
To steal it all away then for a life time; is it fair?
But I may never ask, for it was always you who have won
I’m just a fool, looking at the chimera with wonder eyes
Had I known it would break into pieces with my touch
I would have stayed away & pinch myself for the reverie
It was all so real, how have I know the difference
As I stumble upon the shattered crumbs of my once perfect world
Powerless to move about to take back & mend
Will you ever bestow me a chance to win?
To enthral in my dreams as I see it now
Not to be deceived by the world of illusions!
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