January 26, 2011

I Dont Belong Here..!

I don’t belong here,
As I look around with hope
There again! You are wrong
My mind screams at its pinnacle.

The journey began long back, the only thing I wonder about is when it’s going to end. New places, new people and a feeling that’s deeply reflected inside my mind that “I don’t belong here”. My mind laughed at me asking when was the last time I had that feeling.

Oh I know I’m too late to ask you about the new year, after all Jan is going to end. But hope that the New Year is treating you well. I bid Good bye to Mumbai – a place that actually took my heart… Given a choice, I would love to go back. On a happy note I’m back to Bangalore, my second home. I was not regular here, thanks to all the traveling, but it feels great to be back here...