December 26, 2009

Turning The Time...

Time is ticking…
Poking at me for all the things I left undo,
For all those broken promises, for the broken resolutions,
For the thoughts and words unsaid, for the dreams shattered
For the people I lost & for the times I failed
Making me wonder why I always wanted a time turner.

Another year is coming to an end, and I wonder why I am really thinking about what I couldn’t do, though there were a thousand things that I did. Why we always want to go back when we have more years left to live. An year full of surprises and shocks, lots of tears and some joy, lot of first times and still learning a lot… and of course to break my silence about so many things, that people were asking for a long time. Like M told me, even I hope that “ I will get back to see the old Me”, even I am not liking the new Me.

December 15, 2009

One More Year Passes....

In glory you celebrate as I lost one more year of my life
Trying to go unnoticed, but you picked me up to tell the world
That you will be there behind me with those watchful eyes
As your kid is leaving your cocoon ready to fly.

I celebrated my b’day yesterday, trying to make it a very low key affair, though everyone new about it.

December 1, 2009

Words Are Not Enough..!

Every time I think about calling you,
Wondering, you have enough time to listen
Words were not enough, when the silence speaks

Every time I think, what if you were here
Only to realize that it’s just me and my thoughts
Words were not enough, to tell that I miss you

Every time I think, about the last time I saw you-
a farewell without good byes and good bye wishes
I should have known that, this is my last chance to speak

But words were not enough, as I was left numb
I had a million things to say, I had my secrets to share
But time was up, and it was time to go,
So I prayed for you & for the moments of a lifetime.