December 24, 2010

Time for Celebrations..!!!

Its Christmas .. Time to celebrate...!
forgetting all the worries, pains and heartaches and welcoming the New Year with New Hopes, promises, aspirations, success and above all Loads of Happiness...

Have a Great Christmas & a Fantabulous New Year!
Cheers... !!!

December 12, 2010

Adding One More Year to Live....!

It’s the year end, but most importantly it’s my b’day! Now that calls for a celebration! Or an Introspection?
Well, a quite get together strictly with family and close buddies, and thank u all for sticking through thick and thin, I wanted it to be passed like another day, You made it special. And thanks, H for the surprise, I loved it completely.

This was a year that made me me realise, not to take anythings for granted, specially when it involves people.. and i again wished to have a time turner. But above all i miss some of my friends and family that i lost, i'm stll not able to accept.

The year was not welcoming with much to lose and almost nothing to gain, except of course the experiences, which I would rather love to, forget.


I'm adding one more year to live, with lot of expectations and much to do, and a prayer that all will be well..!

December 8, 2010

Time... You Lost!

Time, the great healer, there you stand!

Like the warrior who lost the battle-

Unable to mend the broken soul

Oh! The pieces are crushed all way

With nothing left but imperfections

But I was meant to live with the odds

Though you took your precious time to seize

What a waste it has been, I knew it all the way!

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