January 29, 2013

Completely On to You !!

I see the world, as i gaze into your eyes
Trying to see a trace to find myself in you
Intimidating you are, as i try to grab words
Standing clueless & out of place in front of you
Trying to find that friendly smile which keeps on fading from your face
What am i to you stranger, i not know but I wish i knew the answer
But then who am i to say, after all I’m just a kid for you
Wish i could walk to you as those few steps seems miles away
Am i scared to love or are you the one or is it just a crush?
I do wait everyday for your call, obsessed that one day you will
Completely on to you as you fill my thoughts & breathe
But tears drip down as slumber conquers my long wait
As i wait for another dawn, another day to see you!