November 25, 2012

Times Ahead, Without You !

Times of days lost & nights blue
When life seems falling apart
 With the roads derailed taking dead ends
I stay, looking ahead at the distant horizon
Wondering, was I meant to go this way
Wishing you was there to walk beside
Wouldn’t have mattered the life & path
As long as you were there till the end!

Silence replaces once long conversations
When lot have been left unsaid, unheard
When pain becomes just another emotion
As tears wonder to drop down or to dry out
I wish, the time had turned once for me
So I could go back & erase those moments
When life had left me alone taking you away
Wishing I had stopped, but my voice confined, heard by none!

Looking back i realize i loved certain places not for their beauty & spirit but for the reason that they give me the best people i know, if i miss something, its their absence the most! Many of them have left behind with time leaving memories for a life time...
The last person i had with the colorful memories of my childhood was my Grandpa, i lost him last month. Life goes on with new people, new places, but i do feel most of the times that I'm at the wrong place with the wrong people. People would always be missed, though at times you try to ignore the pinch & pain!