July 10, 2011

Moving with My Life...!

Monsoons have almost splashed everywhere across India, but it haven't done anything to slow down my pace, June being one of the most busiest months i have seen. My best buddy M's wedding, Changing Job and joining back in my 1st company, Memorable journey to Assam, Mumbai n Delhi ... its gonna be a longg longgg list. I just forgot to have a track of things around, trust me it was one of the beautiful months. But the Most memorable moment was to see M in her bridal dress, amazingly beautiful, wondering should i say "you look great", or "you look beautiful", sometimes you know... words are not enough. Coming back to my 1st company was like going back to home, its great to be back to working some of the best people in the industry. If there is pinch of salt, its that, i didnt get time to visit shillong, i have been there before, but my visits never crossed more than a day where as you need all ur time to see shillong, one of the beautiful places i have seen, Well there is always a "Next time", its already on top1, in my priority list of definite placed to travel. I wonder will i ever get those Momos here in Bangalore....! Hey anyone from Kerala visiting Assam felt like its lotttttttttttt similar to kerala......... or am i the only one with that feeling....!

" Times of sanctity and glee, I walk my way to the destiny
Coloring my world with moments, the cherished ones
I walk the rain as the drops dance to the tune of breeze
Washing away my tears of bliss as you hold my hands
This journey will end like the wake from the dream
But I will still cling to the grin you bestowed on to me."

M's wedding in Assam, trust me, it was again a completely new experience watching this..

                                                     A view of Guwahati from my room... 

Kamakhya Temple, its an experience, visiting here with lot many different customs..

July seems to be a busy month, but then you always have time to see the people you wanna see, and M is gonna settle down is Bangalore, do i need a better reason to smile?

Love you All and have a great time ahead...! I'm loving the weather in Bangalore, i though i'm gonna miss the monsoon :)