December 24, 2010

Time for Celebrations..!!!

Its Christmas .. Time to celebrate...!
forgetting all the worries, pains and heartaches and welcoming the New Year with New Hopes, promises, aspirations, success and above all Loads of Happiness...

Have a Great Christmas & a Fantabulous New Year!
Cheers... !!!

December 12, 2010

Adding One More Year to Live....!

It’s the year end, but most importantly it’s my b’day! Now that calls for a celebration! Or an Introspection?
Well, a quite get together strictly with family and close buddies, and thank u all for sticking through thick and thin, I wanted it to be passed like another day, You made it special. And thanks, H for the surprise, I loved it completely.

This was a year that made me me realise, not to take anythings for granted, specially when it involves people.. and i again wished to have a time turner. But above all i miss some of my friends and family that i lost, i'm stll not able to accept.

The year was not welcoming with much to lose and almost nothing to gain, except of course the experiences, which I would rather love to, forget.


I'm adding one more year to live, with lot of expectations and much to do, and a prayer that all will be well..!

December 8, 2010

Time... You Lost!

Time, the great healer, there you stand!

Like the warrior who lost the battle-

Unable to mend the broken soul

Oh! The pieces are crushed all way

With nothing left but imperfections

But I was meant to live with the odds

Though you took your precious time to seize

What a waste it has been, I knew it all the way!

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November 19, 2010

Life is Calling..!

Rain started pouring heavily, she couldn’t see anything clearly. It’s already dark and the rain was making the journey difficult. She pushed the accelerator. She was not sure whether it’s the rain or the tears in her eyes that is making her difficult to see. She wanted to be strong, but this journey was making it difficult. Even the rain was not showing any mercy. She loved rain with all its beauty and madness, but now even that was sardonic. She pushed the accelerator once more, this time she was calm as all she saw was never-ending darkness as the rain washed away all the emotions.

“Yeh tumhari meri baatein hamesha yuhi chalti rahein……..”

All her thoughts were on hold with the phone buzz. Who is calling at this time, she muttered while checking her phone, she thought she switched off her mob. Oh it’s Papa! She was not ready, to pick the phone, she knew he will get the change of voice as always. He was good at understanding her though this time he made a mistake by thinking that she will be fine.

Now she was thinking about her papa and how he single handedly managed to bring her up. She knew that she is letting her father down. This was not the way her life was supposed to end. She was going to marry someone who loved her, was going to take up a job in her dream city but who twisted her fate.

Life was calling her again, she cant go on with the thoughts of her papa, she turned her car and picked up the phone..

“Hi Papa…”

November 9, 2010

Musings of a Lost Mind..!

Lost friends, death of dear ones, staying in an unknown city missing the place I loved which was part of my life and what more…

A journey to leave everything behind..

But even that ended so fast reminding me that good things end too fast..

Was I worth it?

October 28, 2010

Timeless Memories..!

Ruminations enthralling my world
Open, yet powerless by the melancholy of the unspoken words
So near, yet far, was it destined this way?
To fade away with the time even before it begin
Only to be remembered for the eternities like a timeless tale.
Leaving me wondering, was it my first love, or just an obsession?

October 23, 2010

Demented Soul !

Anon, invisible and lost

By the tyranny of emotions

Dwindle to a wandered soul

I fear no more of your existence

But to my demented thoughts!

October 14, 2010

I Have Learned...! (5)

I have learned that...

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October 2, 2010

My Musketeers...

There is a numbness while writing this post, “Three Musketeers”, well that was my gang of three devils ready to do weirdest, funniest, adventures stuff, best people of my life always by me for anything and everything.  I lost V long back to cancer and R recently; i know  memories will always be there, but will not be replaced. The last SMS from R i received was more like a sign, “Hey watching you”. I still wait for your morning miss calls to wake me up.. though i know, there wont any, anymore...
Quite clueless I’m, I guess, now.  I will miss you a lot...

Oh! Scary life is, mocking at my fate;
As the mighty sun sets in the distant horizon;
Leaving me in solitude with the darkness;
Only to wake up every morning to see myself looking for sign;
Searching in every crowd hoping to see you back
Blaming the mighty for his cruelty; why me?
Unanswered questions and unheard prays;
Now it’s just me and my life
Wondering where to start again!

September 27, 2010

My Bygone World..

Leaving behind the past,

I’m moving with the world

Yet stagnant with the time!

This is not the end; nor will it ever be.

I’m tired of running, hiding away from you;

I’m tired of all the pain and setbacks;

I’m not left with any courage to face again;

Thy I wish, to face you again, with a ray

Oh my life, I miss you so much!

Wanderer I’m, hoping to see you my way

To take you back to my bygone world.

September 11, 2010

Unfinished Book..!

I read your book yesterday, the one I thought would be a great one, only to find it unfinished. The title amazed me, the characters I was familiar with, there were emotions and pain, setbacks and hard work, but did I miss the ending?

You could have written the love and friendship, the success you had n the titles you gained!

I thought I could predict it, but you left it the way you left, just like that and I was wondering was it meant to be a happy ending or you always knew that it will end it this way..
Its been a month since you left, I thought I could finish it, I was so wrong, how could I write your life?

I have my book here unfinished; leaving me wondered who’s going to finish it?
Words have stopped coming long back; I was just waiting for the sign. May this is the last..!

Do we always get the chance to say Good-bye?

June 15, 2010

Monsoon Blues..

Monsoon has finally arrived with all its mighty
Touching the earth fiercely, making its presence
Taking me back to my days that will never return
As the memories flood like an unending tyranny-
Filling my eyes, it washed away the last drop of tears…

Monsoons are finally here, bringing memories of the by-gone era. I loved it all the time, it’s like part of my life, may be due to the reason that they have witnessed it all.

April 22, 2010

Stay Beside forever..!

Mesmerizing, the way you look at me,
As it touches deep down my soul
Bringing me back to life, to be in your life.
Was it planned this way?
That I was meant for you,
I wonder how you steal my destiny
From the hands of fate, Coz I know
You came my way out of nowhere to be my side forever.

April 6, 2010

Forbidden Tears..!

When he took your hands looking at your eyes, smiling at you,

Did you know that your life will be changed forever?

The man in the altar and the one in coffin had the same smile

But this time she was taking his hands, forgotten to smile

While tears tumbledown like an uninvited guest!

March 29, 2010

My Last Breath..!!

Falling for you was so easy,

That I never realized, it will take my life away

Now I’m here fighting to my last breath

Holding, hoping to see you once again.

I could hear you footsteps,

I could hear you whisper my name-

Alas! It’s too late, as you pull me close –

Hugging me tight, trying to hold me back

Did it matter that I was already dying in your memory?

Coz’ I realized the moment, we were meant forever

March 18, 2010

Dead End..!!!

As you walk away from the crowded road

Looking only at me, with a faded smile

As if nothing really mattered –

As long as we were together;

Did you knew the conspiracy, the world set for us

That the road had a dead end;

I wish I had told you, before it was too late-

Before you took the wrong turn-

Now it’s all empty, with dead ends everywhere.