September 10, 2011

Bad Day at Its Worse..!

Have you ever been in a position where suddenly whatever you does goes wrong???
Like if you were thinking of the devil and the devil is ACTUALLY in front of you? Like you got up late, to know that electricity is gone and you dont have an ironed dress. That  while bathing suddenly the water starts coming feebly. You went for breakfast, its already finished.You missed your bus, the auto guy charged double, got stuck in traffic and you were late to office just by one minute and have to sit another 8 hrs extra the whole week to compensate the same.Then once you start your work, its not happening the way you wanted and you have to literally roam around up and down to make it happen only to be known that the network is down and your most important work is stuck.You end up spending your extra hours in office while all your friends are away watching your favorite long awaited blockbuster movie. The pinch of salt might be that one of your friend calls up to ask, can i take your ticket if you are not going, you ends up saying "YES", though all you wanna do exactly is strangle her.

You come back home in an auto after hours of waiting just to see that you are not finding your key and your roomie is also gone for the movie. Begging the owner and then taking the duplicate key, finally entering your room to take the fresh air, you will be wondering where the hell have everyone been gone, when i'm in such a mess; you can understand that you just applied Murphy's law in every possible practical way and survived. Well  while just thinking about negative, you get a call from home, saying something gone terrible bad... It all happens on a BAD DAY!

Tested and survived successfully

Personal Advice - Dont try yourself as you may end up in the coffin
On a good note - at home for this onam, though not having a holiday. Actually glad for coming, coz this one is one of the most memorable EVER..!
 Belated Happy Onam to ALL :)

July 10, 2011

Moving with My Life...!

Monsoons have almost splashed everywhere across India, but it haven't done anything to slow down my pace, June being one of the most busiest months i have seen. My best buddy M's wedding, Changing Job and joining back in my 1st company, Memorable journey to Assam, Mumbai n Delhi ... its gonna be a longg longgg list. I just forgot to have a track of things around, trust me it was one of the beautiful months. But the Most memorable moment was to see M in her bridal dress, amazingly beautiful, wondering should i say "you look great", or "you look beautiful", sometimes you know... words are not enough. Coming back to my 1st company was like going back to home, its great to be back to working some of the best people in the industry. If there is pinch of salt, its that, i didnt get time to visit shillong, i have been there before, but my visits never crossed more than a day where as you need all ur time to see shillong, one of the beautiful places i have seen, Well there is always a "Next time", its already on top1, in my priority list of definite placed to travel. I wonder will i ever get those Momos here in Bangalore....! Hey anyone from Kerala visiting Assam felt like its lotttttttttttt similar to kerala......... or am i the only one with that feeling....!

" Times of sanctity and glee, I walk my way to the destiny
Coloring my world with moments, the cherished ones
I walk the rain as the drops dance to the tune of breeze
Washing away my tears of bliss as you hold my hands
This journey will end like the wake from the dream
But I will still cling to the grin you bestowed on to me."

M's wedding in Assam, trust me, it was again a completely new experience watching this..

                                                     A view of Guwahati from my room... 

Kamakhya Temple, its an experience, visiting here with lot many different customs..

July seems to be a busy month, but then you always have time to see the people you wanna see, and M is gonna settle down is Bangalore, do i need a better reason to smile?

Love you All and have a great time ahead...! I'm loving the weather in Bangalore, i though i'm gonna miss the monsoon :)

May 8, 2011

Falling In Love...!

Oh honey! No one can express how much I love you
Its not the way you look, nor the touch or whisper
It’s not the way you see nor hear or feel
But then I’m unable to express, no matter how many words I take
Why my heart beat stops, when I see you?
Oh was that so easy to fall in love that I can’t help myself
That I never realized, life is so incomplete without you in it.
Wish I could tell you, before it’s late
I still don’t understand why it’s so complicated
To let you know, that it will always be just you.

Two of my childhood friends are getting married, truly in love after years of waiting.. It’s great to see such happy endings, to see them holding on to each other after such a long time. The boy is a Christian and the gal is a Hindu Brahman. They had enough hurdles before both the families agreed. I wish them all the happiness.

April 30, 2011

I Still Miss ..

Something’s never change, I used to think that as I get old my choices will change, I will be a different person. But then life has changed a lot, people have changed for better and worse. Sometimes I myself am not able to relate to what is happening around. Then I see that I haven’t moved on in many things, in my life...

Time is ticking, as I run to keep pace
Waking up every day at the same lane
Unsure where to move wishing
You hold my hand and show the way
But then time had left you behind long back
What am I waiting for, living in your memories?

That small little girl wearing frilled frock roaming around grandpa’s house without listening to her mom, with astonishing eyes is still a surprise for me. I wonder how she managed to roam alone in trees, wasn’t she scared of stranger, and well that girl is totally anonymous to me. How she managed to convince grandpa to make her little wood-house is still a secret. How she remembered each story told by grandpa, when I can’t even remember the last call on my mobile phone. When I look at the old and fragile person reading newspaper in the veranda, I wondered where I met this person before. I don’t know him, while my eyes searched for the one who used to eagerly wait for my visit with all the things that I like.
I know I have added more than thousand friends in my friends circle from the time I got my first friend. But there is not even a single day which goes by without thinking of him, someone I lost on the memory line by the end of school days. May be it was not just about doing homework together or playing together or going to school. Guess best friends were meant forever even in their absence. 

I don’t have a big memory of my kochu muthashan, my grandpa’s younger brother who never got married, who used to stay with my grandpa. But I do remember his big commanding voice; everyone was scared of that till he got a stroke and was bed ridden for another 2-3 months before his death.  He was very fond of me and when I went to grandpa’s place on that year’s vishu he wanted me to have lunch with him, but me being a kid, forgot about the whole thing and had lunch with my other cousins and went one playing with them. He had a stroke in the same evening and was rush to the hospital. He didn’t talk much on the way, than asking about me. I never breached a promise to anyone after that, just wish had I known that, that will be the last time I will see him.

My secret keeper, there is a reason why he got that name, he used to have this telepathic thing to know exactly what I’m thinking, let it be something good or bad, happy or sad, he knew it all. It didn’t matter whether it was about my little crush or some fight. Something he got just by listening to my voice, I thought he will be there for ever. R, V and me, quite known us three musketeers, during our last get-together, I was wondering about the busy schedules and how difficult it is getting to catch up with each other. He told me to chill, that he will be watching me. Now I know that no matter how much busy day it is I would always find time to talk to him. He will definitely be watching me, what I miss are those calls when I was sad, when I had a rough day, when I had happy news to share.

March 5, 2011

Games We Play..

Crazy, they call; we are, now and always
Your philosophies and my principles
Your silence and my confusions
For all the unreciprocated questions and those clumsy answers
The distance and times we have lost keeping away
Just to realize that we were so close-
But so busy searching for our own soul
Enough all the arguments; for I’m no more scared
To speak my heart and to make peace
I seldom believed in serendipity till you came my way
But now I know the games life play, between you and me.

February 16, 2011

Shattered Soul..

Oh the silent cry of the shattered soul
May remain hold, never to be known
For all those words have broken in aghast
By the impulse of emotions
A word of hope or a broken trust
All end up in those drops of tears
Let me burn away than be forgotten
Coz’ it was you the one, always.

:) Hope everyone had a blast on Valentines Day..! I had a re-union with some of my old friends whom i lost touch.. Life is surprisingly beautiful and painfully real, hope life is treating you well..

February 12, 2011

Obsessed with You !

Here I am, unable to speak
Unable to take off my eyes on you
Unable move & to let you go
Enthralling all the words that you whispered
Scared that you will fade away with time
Completely obsessed with you!

Pic Courtesy - Deviantart

January 26, 2011

I Dont Belong Here..!

I don’t belong here,
As I look around with hope
There again! You are wrong
My mind screams at its pinnacle.

The journey began long back, the only thing I wonder about is when it’s going to end. New places, new people and a feeling that’s deeply reflected inside my mind that “I don’t belong here”. My mind laughed at me asking when was the last time I had that feeling.

Oh I know I’m too late to ask you about the new year, after all Jan is going to end. But hope that the New Year is treating you well. I bid Good bye to Mumbai – a place that actually took my heart… Given a choice, I would love to go back. On a happy note I’m back to Bangalore, my second home. I was not regular here, thanks to all the traveling, but it feels great to be back here...