February 16, 2011

Shattered Soul..

Oh the silent cry of the shattered soul
May remain hold, never to be known
For all those words have broken in aghast
By the impulse of emotions
A word of hope or a broken trust
All end up in those drops of tears
Let me burn away than be forgotten
Coz’ it was you the one, always.

:) Hope everyone had a blast on Valentines Day..! I had a re-union with some of my old friends whom i lost touch.. Life is surprisingly beautiful and painfully real, hope life is treating you well..

February 12, 2011

Obsessed with You !

Here I am, unable to speak
Unable to take off my eyes on you
Unable move & to let you go
Enthralling all the words that you whispered
Scared that you will fade away with time
Completely obsessed with you!

Pic Courtesy - Deviantart