May 21, 2012

Musings of a Solitary Soul !!!

Morning rays peeks in evoking me, waking me up
ending my long deep slumber and dreams
as I slowly realize that its just me and my solitude
You have been long gone, leaving the memories-
of a life behind, on a journey of no return
I walk around looking for you, hoping to 
see you play hide n seek, unable find
wishing you unveil yourself yelling my name-
like always as look in astonishment trying to touch you
Silence scares as the once grin face on the portrait-
looking impassive at my teary face; I know
there will be no come back, as the numbness
pull me back to the slumber, I wish as I close my eyes
never to wake up again to see the musings of a solitary soul!

PS: Sometimes long journeys invoke lot of thoughts in your mind, thankfully all ends well :)

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May 14, 2012

Return of the Rains !

Looking at the sky to the changing colors and moods
as the summer breeze cools down giving way to the rain
as the tiny droplets dance to the tune of breeze till it finally hit the sand
splashing all the way, declaring its arrival, making me wonder
is it the mighty you, or you know, I would be watching you all the way!
Do you still remember that little girl in frock playing in the rain, hidden -
away from an unknown world beyond the walls in the protective arms of her mother
unaware of the challenges she will face and the griefs she will bear
As she played in the tiny raindrops with her little hands
and sometimes popping out her little head in rain
did you know, you wont hurt her, that She will always  be happy to see you.
My hands are not little anymore, I still love playing in rain
but why is it that every time your droplets touch me
it hurts, though it never pierced, bringing tears in my eyes.
Is it that you know me too well that you wash away  my  tears without a trace;
You with your mighty thunders and lights still know that I’m not afraid-
that I’ll never be afraid of you, but  will be waiting;
those little hands may have gave way to wrinkled, weary fingers,
though time cant change much to the memories of those rainy days!

PS: Im totally in love with the summer rain in Bengaluru! Its a rainy treat everyday, what a way to end a summer day :) 

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