September 27, 2010

My Bygone World..

Leaving behind the past,

I’m moving with the world

Yet stagnant with the time!

This is not the end; nor will it ever be.

I’m tired of running, hiding away from you;

I’m tired of all the pain and setbacks;

I’m not left with any courage to face again;

Thy I wish, to face you again, with a ray

Oh my life, I miss you so much!

Wanderer I’m, hoping to see you my way

To take you back to my bygone world.

September 11, 2010

Unfinished Book..!

I read your book yesterday, the one I thought would be a great one, only to find it unfinished. The title amazed me, the characters I was familiar with, there were emotions and pain, setbacks and hard work, but did I miss the ending?

You could have written the love and friendship, the success you had n the titles you gained!

I thought I could predict it, but you left it the way you left, just like that and I was wondering was it meant to be a happy ending or you always knew that it will end it this way..
Its been a month since you left, I thought I could finish it, I was so wrong, how could I write your life?

I have my book here unfinished; leaving me wondered who’s going to finish it?
Words have stopped coming long back; I was just waiting for the sign. May this is the last..!

Do we always get the chance to say Good-bye?