March 28, 2009

Journey to Home...!!!

Back from home, with lot of memories... some may stay for a life time, though some may fade away, it doesnt matter, coz this journey was special for it was not just a visit to home, it was something more than that.

I had my best friends' wedding to attend. There is lot of joy and happiness to see ur best pal getting married (She was looking at her best..!!! TOUCHWOOD) and entering to a new life, and there little sadness and pain that there are more important things coming in her life than this friendship, though we will be same always. But yes! like one of good friend told, its all part of life..... its time to Move On...

I always used to wonder "Moving On" was not so simple as said, infact sometimes it needed us to change our self in fear of hurting ourselves.Though i have heard that time does heal things, i have realised many times that, it doesnt really heal, we just keep these things in our inner memory when we have more important things to worry about, and it does hurt the same way, when we think about it, even if its after years. Specially death of our dear and near ones, i do see my mom crying everytime she talks about my granny who died 10 yrs ago.

This time i was more than happy to see my grandpa. I was seeing him after longgg 2yrs. Ageing couldnt really change him as a person, but he was looking tired, like a shadow of what he actually was. But that strong voice remained there like ever, in that weak body. I could read from his face that he was relaxed to see me, may be he thought i wont come, dnt know.
We talked as usual, about my job, my place, my friends, everything that connected me to the world. He wanted to talk a lot, but then his health didnt allow,he was happy to see me, and i was happy to see him.

Life teaches us things in its most unusual way, sometimes we do ignore and sometimes it doesnt really give a chance to ignore. But all that really matters is that you finally learned the lesson.

This time it was more than seeing your dear ones and staying at home, it actually give me a chance to think, about many things, and to decide which path i should take...given me a chance to know myself more..