November 19, 2010

Life is Calling..!

Rain started pouring heavily, she couldn’t see anything clearly. It’s already dark and the rain was making the journey difficult. She pushed the accelerator. She was not sure whether it’s the rain or the tears in her eyes that is making her difficult to see. She wanted to be strong, but this journey was making it difficult. Even the rain was not showing any mercy. She loved rain with all its beauty and madness, but now even that was sardonic. She pushed the accelerator once more, this time she was calm as all she saw was never-ending darkness as the rain washed away all the emotions.

“Yeh tumhari meri baatein hamesha yuhi chalti rahein……..”

All her thoughts were on hold with the phone buzz. Who is calling at this time, she muttered while checking her phone, she thought she switched off her mob. Oh it’s Papa! She was not ready, to pick the phone, she knew he will get the change of voice as always. He was good at understanding her though this time he made a mistake by thinking that she will be fine.

Now she was thinking about her papa and how he single handedly managed to bring her up. She knew that she is letting her father down. This was not the way her life was supposed to end. She was going to marry someone who loved her, was going to take up a job in her dream city but who twisted her fate.

Life was calling her again, she cant go on with the thoughts of her papa, she turned her car and picked up the phone..

“Hi Papa…”

November 9, 2010

Musings of a Lost Mind..!

Lost friends, death of dear ones, staying in an unknown city missing the place I loved which was part of my life and what more…

A journey to leave everything behind..

But even that ended so fast reminding me that good things end too fast..

Was I worth it?