June 19, 2013

Prayer for My Daughter..


My dear; Come into a world with no whites or black
But a world with pink, blue & green
A world that’s not prejudiced to gender
Where “She” & “He” is equal
Where her learning & liberty is imperative
Where she is neither a possession to be bought
Nor an asset to haggle for -
A place where your dreams are not taken away on tyranny
A world where your life is on your choices
With the choices made by you, not enforced on!
Come into the world where your body & soul belongs to you
Where you are worried only by the goal not the journey
A world that allows you to do mistakes, to learn from them
A world where you fly like a bird persistent & unscathed
Where promises are made to you, not on you
Where your tears are precious & your smile is priceless
Where life keeps turning you to your roles graceful
As you be the daughter to the sister to the companion
To the world so wonderful, to see the world everyday grow old!
One of my good friends becomes a mother recently with a baby girl. While congratulating on her big news & talking about the plans she have for her new born, she exclaimed, “I’m worried, every time I’m late from work & my travel alone, will i ever make it home safe? – i can’t think about having my baby, going through those bad experience and worrying all the time about her safety, this place is not safe anymore, you know“ and she went on..!
She belongs to the generation-x which we proudly call; modern, intelligent & carefree, ever ready to do the things she wants – this other side of hers took me by surprise. I wonder, how many people will be there who think like her, I’m sure many –
Are we worried about having a girl child because she is not safe in the current world; Are we really giving the right message to the world, Think it over!!

Pic Courtesy - deviantart.com

June 11, 2013

Times Unknown !!

Times move on leaving me behind the edge
Leaving with the memories of the gone,
Leaving to the world of unknown, you move to the fore
Swift with fiery as you thrash the once known & dear
Leaving me powerless to act, broken & wounded
Unable to heal the broken memories; you the great healer
Will you ever come back to take me with you;
Or will you leave me to seize the time!
Been to watch “Yeh Jawani” movie today, loved it for some superb acting & some lovely not so stereotype moments!  Funny, but it made me look back to the time that had quite faded knowingly or unknowingly – reminding me of some wonderful people I had met & made friendship with! But what i remembered most was my days with R & V, though what pinched me the most was that those days won’t come again. Though i have million happiest moments after that, i still have the best ones with them. Life is intriguingly tough & surprisingly ruthless, but then we always hope!
Oh i changed my blog name – after so much thought – felt the current one suits it better, though loved it when people called me Devilish!
Pic Courtesy - Deviantart.com