February 12, 2009

Random Thoughts....!!!!!

Hey, You are changing...!!! I wondered from which side, but then i couldnt stop thinking about what my cousin told. He knows me for a long time, so when he telling this, i am sure there is something that made him say that. I dont want to change, i am not telling that i am that "perfect 10 " kind of person, but then i love the way i am, that i dont want to change anything, just stay like this untill I feel 'its time to change'.

These days i think i am enjoying being myself so much that i get bored when i am with others. Not that they are boring people, infact my friends are the best things ever happened to me, but then attimes everyone need some space, just to think about whats happening in their life.I do think a lot these days about what i really want in life, i cant tell that i want to b more career oriented, coz i think already many people are telling me (that i am a workaholic..!!!) to think about things other than my career.

I am going home in March, after a long long time, there is a great deal of excitement, but then cant really tell that i am happy, the only thing i am excited is that i can stay at home and meet my parents and grandpa. My best friend's wedding is also coming near. But at the same time there is this odd feeling , dont know exactly what, which scares me.

I am thinking about starting my photgraphy lessons again, not that i am a great one, but i guess i was not bad. May b a nikon cam can work wonders with me (or the other way around), though for the time being i have to be happy with my Olymbus one.

Well Valentines Day is coming near, this time i dont know with whom i will celebrate as all my friends are committed now, and they are thinking about something quite. Well i wont b really 'Celebrating', will explore the city alone sipping a cup of coffee. My best friend 'M' expected that atleast this year i will not be alone, Sorry dear, u will be dissappointed this year also. Good things can wait for some more time...........!!!
Well i am getting more attached to Some People than i thought, i guess i need to start keeping some distance, dont have a clue HOW, but i guess thats better. But then at the end i will get hurt coz these days i am so habituated with them.

February 3, 2009

That Tamarind Tree in My Home Backyard...

..finally fall..! well not really a great thing to tell, but then its not just a simple thing to forget just like that. I have spend some of my best days there, hanging around playing hide and seek, sitting in its shades, thinking about all those things i want to do when i become BIG (nw i really wish if i were not), looking at sky at the sight of aeroplane, till it fades away, having tamarind with salt, and laughing at its bitter taste,and at times sleeping there itself in its shades, if noone find me. I always thought it as a giant tree that will never fall, i thought it will stay for another 100 yrs like those gigantic trees described in stories.
But then one day its day also come, giving a huge space of its absence. I dont know why i am telling this here, there is a feeling like, you lost something which you had known for a long time. Like you lost someone who could write a book on your entire childhood.Life is also like that, we meet so many faces, sometimes becoming a part of our life and then one day it just go away, as if it was never important, making us realise their value only in their absence.
I do miss my childhood at times, mostly bcoz of the freedom i had and for all those adventures i had as a child. I never thought twice before telling or doing something. But now i have to plan myself, life was so easy.... think again..!!!