March 29, 2010

My Last Breath..!!

Falling for you was so easy,

That I never realized, it will take my life away

Now I’m here fighting to my last breath

Holding, hoping to see you once again.

I could hear you footsteps,

I could hear you whisper my name-

Alas! It’s too late, as you pull me close –

Hugging me tight, trying to hold me back

Did it matter that I was already dying in your memory?

Coz’ I realized the moment, we were meant forever

March 18, 2010

Dead End..!!!

As you walk away from the crowded road

Looking only at me, with a faded smile

As if nothing really mattered –

As long as we were together;

Did you knew the conspiracy, the world set for us

That the road had a dead end;

I wish I had told you, before it was too late-

Before you took the wrong turn-

Now it’s all empty, with dead ends everywhere.

March 11, 2010

I Have Learned ....!!! (4)

I have learned that ….. "Moving On" is the most easy word to say, but most difficult to do.

I have learned that ….. You should learn to live alone coz you never know when you will stop trusting people around you.

I have learned that ….. You should be strong enough to face criticism with a smile and move on without it ruining your life.

I have learned that ….. Everyone needs a friend to hold on, but only “Time” will say who the true one is.

I have learned that ….. You don’t have to express everything you feel.

I have learned that ….. Tears are just drops of water, you may not cry every time you feel bad.

I have learned that ….. Just coz you talk to someone doesn’t mean you love them and not talking to someone doesn’t mean you don’t.

I have learned that ….. Doing what you like might bring the happiest days of your life.

I have learned that ….. You should learn to live with the odds.

March 8, 2010

Scared To Lose....!!!

May this moon never set?

Let those stars show us the way.

May this night stay forever?

What if you disappear with the dawn?

What if day’s rays burn you away-

Ethereal, the moments of togetherness

What if I will be left out to take sides?

Can’t you see, I am scared to lose you

So I will take you in my eyes and close it forever.