October 31, 2008

Mr Murphy......Not again..!!!

Well i am not so glad to tell u that I am one of those rare species who believes in Mr.Murphy and his power. Some how these days he pops up from somewhere to make my days horrorfull. But this Diwali time was unusually dreadfull for me with Mr.Murphy acting full throttle.

Me and my friends were happily staying in our new apartment, and someone started banging heavily in the door making us wonder who (the hell) came at this late hour. I should tell u that getting a good apartment for less rent in mumbai will be like a dream come true which i was enjoying fully at that point of time.

My friend opened the door, only to get shocked for the next some hours. Two aunties were standing outside like two pillers escorted by my sweet security guard. For sometime i didnt understand anything other than my friends cry. But YES!!! finally i got the clue of whats happening. As soon as my friend opened the door, one of the aunty-GY's told her " This is MY FLAT, YOU HAVE TO VACATE THIS BY TOMORROW MORNING" , and as soon as aunty told this, my friend moved back in horror and started crying. And other two of us still wondered "Did she tell "VACATING".

We showed all the relevent documents which truelly mentions that " We have the right to stay here" But auntyji was soo fully into talking ( well sort of shouting i guess) that she had no time to listen to us. Even our neighbours starting coming ( that was the time i realised that other people also exist in my floor) finally making us understand that "its owners wife". They were getting separated and the court verdict came on auntyji's favour to own the so called "HOUSE". So that why she wanted us to move.

Being a veryyyyyy heartless fellow, not even a single drop of tear came from my eyes nor my other friends eyes, making aunty thinking "why these people are not worried". But my other friend cried so much, making aunty realise that she is going to do a big mistake if she is taking us out.
All went well finally, with aunty allowing us to stay (BUT WE SHIFTED THE NEXT WEEK) in a disputable property. We nice people called our broker the same night and made sure that we got a new apartment the next day without anymore investment.

:) All really went well, making me enjoy the luxury again (without anymore dispute). But my diwali went half celebrated with the rest half being given for house shifting. And trust me guys these are the time i loveeee Mr.Murphy, atleast he makes it right after doing all the wrong things.
But i am still wondering how uncleji survived with that lady...........!!!


Srishti Menin said...

Glad to hear that you handled it nicely, if i was there, i dont know what i will do.