October 1, 2013

Bouquet of Memories..

Will this be the last time I see you, I know not
As I close my eyes stealing the last glance from you
To keep it safe away in my heart eternally
Those flowers will fade away with time
But no gift would be more precious than that bouquet of flowers-
Having already found its way in my memoir ceaselessly
Partings will always be painful though I may never say one to you
As I walk along my memory lane hoping-
To be caught again by your grin somewhere, sometime beyond time

I will never know what was going in her mind, while walking the altar, but her eyes told a thousand words

Pic Courtesy - deviantart.com


Pooja Mittal said...

Beautiful words..
Keep in touch,

Vikash Pisharody said...

Very true!!
We always remember them & Never stop missing them & Know their true value after they're gone,,,

Srishti Menin said...

Beautiful !! You are an amazing writer, was it pain or hope..