November 26, 2008


She was one of those girls, who sticked to the good old principles and rules which she learned as a child. She was not following them blindly, she had the option to choose what she like, but she just believed that what she does is right. She was never scared of cities as she was born in one. But then when she was given the choice of working in a metro or staying at home. She decided to choose the former, though she didnt liked the crowded big metros. Bcoz she thought, to be successfull, one should be independent, and staying with parents will never really make you independent to face the world.

Her relatives told her, "you are doing a mistake". She just corrected them by saying " not as long as i believe my decision is the right one". Later Her relatives had to tell Her parents "your daughter choose the best".

But staying alone in a metro was not easy. It was always the hard way. She knew how to say "NO" better than any one else, and she was least bothered what effects it might have. She was not really fascinated by the fast life and the freedom and security , the new city gave. She didnt wanted to try any thing new just bcoz her friend told her, "You should experiance everything". She thought thats the best way to convince one's temptations by putting it "experiance".

I have seen HER in many places. While travelling in train, She used to ask my how to go to a particular place. She used to see new things with that fascinating eyes. She asked me whats "enigma" and "poison", when i asked Her, "You wanna come with us?". I have seen her in coffee shops, sipping a hot cup of coffee and talking to her father on "her experiances in the new place". I have seen her in my office with that rare passion to do the work. I never saw her crying, nor i saw her getting down for the worst things possible. She was calm most of the time and she was not bothered about others around her. She knew that, She is there alone in a city, away from her parents, to achieve something. She knew that she will never dissappoint her parents. I have seen those ambitious innocent eyes and I realised I was like Her once. The only difference is that i just forgot my principles and she hold on to it.


Benaam Badnaam said...

two reasons principles fail the that we dont think enuf abt wat we want in life...and we go for things we dont really want...and then this happens :P

and other is sometimes we really cant make out the diff so easily...and we have no real frnd to turn to

Srishti Menin said...

Well written. Dnt know y i hav this feeling that i knw the person.

Indian Home Maker said...

LOVE this absolutely! came here through your comment on my blog, and found this lovely post.