November 29, 2008

As My City Burns....

I am alive, I cant still believe that I am among those lucky ones who missed the whole incident by mere luck. But like any other Mumbai resident, it will take time for me to come in terms that Mumbai had to face such a terror.
I love this city like any other person from outside and this city has absorbed me with my culture and values. This is the speciality of Mumbai and you wont find this in any other city in india. I was never scared to go out, whether its day or night, bcoz i knew in Mumbai I am safe, nothi9ng is gonna harm me here. But now i have to think twice.
Our spirits are high and our life will be normal again soon, though the marks will be there forever. And if anyone in the world think, this will take our spirits , they are wrong, bcoz we are more united now than ever. But then every time i go to CST, i will think in horror, about the Nov 26th. Everytime I see Taj, i will remember what all incidents this monument have witnessed and survived.
While i write this, the entire thing was almost over except in Taj. I was wondering how well planned these people are, and the face of terror (in black t-shirt) was shocking making me think this small boy is able to do this all. How so much rage got into such an young boy. The fighting was still on in Taj with the terrorist showing no sign to surrender. Well all i pray is noone should have such an experiance which all those hostages and their families had to go through.
Lets not talk about the intelligence failure and Why the govt took so much time to call the NSG?
I am still wondering why the hell our govt is so scared to take strong actions against the incidents. Are they too weak ? I dont think our PM's small speech is an answer for all the questions. Just wondering when will they realise, they need to work on terrorism more aggresively with more actions rather than wasting their time in giving speeches.
The commandos did a great job and thats all that matters though they lost some of their best people. May the souls of those died in this tragedy may rest in peace.


All Talk and No Action said...

Your feelings hit the bulls-eye !
Today, all Indians, not just Mumbaiites, feel the pain...

Staying united and not getting involved in religious battles is right. However, before everything else, we need to become more responsible and prepared as a nation.

Such attacks wont go away. They shall only rise every time terrorists find us napping and being careless.

The small boy in the black Versace shirt - there are many 100s like him...waiting for an opportunity to pounce on us...they have been fed on hate since their early teens...So rather than targeting such boys - we need a tough leader at the Centre who targets the root of such evils - LeT, Al Qaeda and others.

Mere speeches by the PM and monetary help by CMs won't work this time.

Tara said...

Well written piece yaar! All Indians are one today, and we stand by Mumbai! And yes, may their souls rest in peace! They were such brave men, in times when people are so selfish, they sacrificed for their motherland! Salutes!