April 13, 2009

My Weekend Dramas...!

Summer in Mumbai is really getting worse. These days going out during day time is like next to impossible, specially during sundays. I am almost sleeping off my sundays, just coz my friends are not ready to go out during this time (well even i dont). On the other day I was planning for a Matheran journey, but then cancelled at the last moment due to the same problem.

Thank God..!! that i have some 3-4 malls near by, atleast i can hang out there in the evening.These days even the security started recognising my face.More worst is that the only place i visit regularly is CCD. My friends are already calling me CCD's brand ambassader though they recently upgraded me to be a coffee addict. The only good time is that i can go for bowling in the evening (i am finally improving u know... i can c atleast some numbers in the score board from zero)

Dont know whether i was angry towards the world or to myself, i just stopped eating the regular food and started a fruit diet for 10 days.I thought that was an impossible task, but now even i am surpriced by my own act, as i successfully completed 9 days........ Gud na.. I was just checking myself, n good to see that i wouldnt have much worries even if i did this for the next 20 days...
I know there is nothing like "impossible" in my dictionary, but then there should be always something exciting to do, otherwise life will be like a movie without emotions...

Last week, i watched fast n furious-4, i should tell you that it was a damn good movie,it was just looking like a sequel tp part-1. I enjoyed every bit of it. My friends A n T were there with me, T being a first time watcher of the movie couldnt enjoy much, but she says she liked it and A was so much into the movie that at point i got doubt whether he forgot to respond to people.. All together it was a great watch. I put a new record by eating Mc puff, potatoe wedges n hot chocolate in a span of 5 mins from McD before the movie. I just forgot that there only 5mins for the movie to begin n had to something fast. Never in my life i ate that fast, but i promised myself that i wont do that stunt again as it was creating a severe stomach pain n ofcourse my hunger was still there.

In between all these i had this feeling that i am changing, i had to re-check.. Am I? but no...Thank God, I am not, (i really dont want to). I am the way i am....Accept it....or... Back Off..


AMIT said...

Ya there is too much hot in Mumbai this days.

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Srishti Menin said...

U still crave for coffees???? U didnt change a bit for sure dear..
Did i forget to tell u that u r one of those beautifull souls who got a great smile, keep that curve always in your face :)

By the even i watched the movie, i found it bit cheesy, bt yeah the action was good.

Anonymous said...

Mumbai is really ROASTING!
Even I love to hang out at CCD :)

Thnx fr stopping by

DestinY UnrevealedD said...
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DestinY UnrevealedD said...

Oh,Did you really felt you were changing????I too dont think so...chill...enjoy yr life as it comes.. :)

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

pretty true

@ Srishti
:) thnk u, so finally u thought of giving comments huh!!U knw i cant change rite, cofee n me r like long lost sisters :)

Thx dear

@ Destiny
Sure dear, u knw tat rite, tat i never plan..... :)

Lena said...

i thought indians should be used to heat due maybe to some gen they have generated in centuries :P

Turns out this heat kills even Indians :|

just wondering how you deal with it.