April 4, 2009


'Emotions flowing like a river,
dont keep it to reach the sea,
for then you wont even know,
Was it a feeling of love or rage'

That girl was listening to Ammalu as she spoke every word. Did she really understood what she meant, i doubt..... though i really dont know..

Ammalu sounded very much convincing like always. That girl might b wondering how Ammalu comes to know everything, even before she speaks out. She always wondered about this and it always remained a mystery. This time Ammalu is particularly on a verge to change the girl, she was trying the same thing for the last many yrs, this time also the result might be same.
Ammalu was planning for a long journey, so she wanted the girl to be ready to face any situation in Ammalu's absence. This time if she made any mistake she was sure that she wont b able to correct it.

"You should speak out, you know", I cant stand these silence. Girl was not in a mood to respond, so Ammalu had to tel again, "listen da, its not that you think, you know it wont work like this.
That girl was thinking the same thing, didnt I tell you that this wont work.

This has happened before, but ammalu always read her silence, this time even she was impatient, she finally gave up. She was feeling bad, tears were coming, Ammalu became silent as she knew there is nothing else they can talk.

May b that girl got the vibes, though she was not looking at Ammalu's face, she started speaking... finally. "I know, this is not correct", "i will decide something soon", "Dont worry, i wont dissappoint u". "Its all a matter of time, i will be fine, you see tomorrow". Ammalu also knew that she will be fine tomorrow, she was worried about that only, Coz she didnt knew when that tomorrow is going to come.


Praveen said...

uncertainty that's the essence of all our lives..