April 27, 2009

Things that make life Special for no reason...!

Its quite astonishing, but not everyday you watch these things and laugh at its sheer innocence. Don’t know why its special, but it is for some good reason unknown to us now. We three gals me, M nd J, didn’t have any idea why we did that, but we are quite proud of what we did some 4 yrs back.

We met Sita (M gave that name, as we didn’t knew her name) in one of journeys to ICWA classes. She was there in the bus stop looking at us with her curious eyes and she stood there when we returned from classes, I think she was hardly 10yrs that time, we didn’t made much fuzz of it thinking what a small girl like her is doing in that bus stop for such a long time. It was J's initiative, after some shopkeeper there remarked that this girl is roaming around that areas for the last 2-3 days that we though we should call the NGO we knew through one of our friend. We didn’t had any whereabouts about the girl and after a through medical check-up we came to know that she cant talk(doctor even told us, she was not by birth.). May be bcoz we took the initiative we had to go through some headaches including police (the processes anyone have to face if they try to do something good). We girls in our twenties were not so sure whether we should do anything more or just leave the place. The whole atmosphere was actually was making me feel like I should immediately leave the place and should never come back again.

But against our wishes, though we left the place, we went there again after a week, coz we were actually feeling guilty to disappear that way. She was in good health (she was actually looking like human) and those curious eyes were looking more good in her current shape, she gave us a sweet smile reminding us that she didn’t forget us yet. That time we went with a small box of chocolate, we didn’t knew what exactly were her needs. It was again J’s idea to sponsor her, and like blind supporters me and M followed her. Initially it started with 300-500 each depending on how much we can save from our pocket money. As our pocket money increased our we pooled more. It was more than enough for her small needs as that NGO also gave support in the way of food and education, we were just taking care of her other needs.

We three got our jobs, got more busy with life,J and M got married and moved further away, but made sure that we do send what was required and at times calls to Chennai, just to make sure that she is fine, we do have a wish of hearing her voice someday, don’t know when, but for the time being we are happy hearing from her Ayas that she is fine and she pretty intelligent student. We don’t know how long we will do this, we do not feel it’s a great thing, but we are happy in someway that we did something when the rest were just watching. Like J always say small deeds matters more than the words you say…A silent deed can b sometimes powerful than a thousand words...

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Dhanya said...

This post made me so proud of you, even if it's my first time here...

Great going!


Praveen said...

great deed there...If each one of us did atleast one deed like this, half of the world's sufferings wud be reduced

Gauri Mathur said...

Grand Salute to you guys!:-)
We need more people like you!
God Bless!!

Femin Susan said...

Nice blog... Thanks for sharing.....

Amal Bose said...

hats off to you guys..
its a wonderful thing you have done.

DPhatsez said...

For a person who claims to be Devil Incarnate, a pretty darn heavenly deed. Awesome! \m/

My first time and i totally enjoyed it. Keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

WOW...I salute u and ur friends :)
Keep up the good work!

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

thx, n thx 4 droping..
Thnk u :) ..i didnt knew we wil do smethin like that in our coleg dayz..
Thx gauri :)
U r welcome :)
Thnk u :)
@ DPhatsez
Thx for droping by, i do smetimes wonder hw cme i did that, i thought i was selfish..

:) Thnk u..

mathew said...

so nice of you...its nice to see there are folks like you and your friends still around!!

Anonymous said...

to be a fool among folks appears so good sometimes... and often offers us moments of smiling at ourselves...

great that u actually went fora thing that anybody in ur place would have considered foolish.
Hope life continues to be as special as it appears today for u...
take care...

[p.s. thanx for scribbling in my blog... i got to know a great person... :) ]