May 27, 2009

Strangers I Met..!

There are some relations that goes for ever, relations which do not have a particular name, which started for no particular reason, but went on to become a part of our life like our own siblings or sometimes more than that.

My Play School Mate

I was crying and pulling my moms saree “nichu ponda” (don’t wanna go) I doubt whether someone heard that, and those ayas came and took me inside. I stood there in one corner stubborn as always, not wanting to play, till I saw that boy bringing me small bar of chocolate, my first friend, he went on to become my school friend. I know he would have been my best friend if I didn’t left that place when I was in 5th standard only to find him in face book years later. Life has changed so much and we were so different, but he still remembered ‘that girl’, and we had a thousand things to talk.

My School Friend

New place, new people, new language, everyone stared at me as much as I stared at them until a girl got bit guts to give me some space to sit next to her. She took special care in showing me her school, our school, we shared food, we studied together, she was always first to help me out. We were more than happy when we were 1st n 2nd in class. I liked her small hair as much as she loved my long. We were different in all the possible way, but we were friends, may be for a season, she had to go when her father went abroad, I heard from her for the next 2-3 months. I didn’t hear from her after that. Even I went from that place, thx to my parents job, I end up in my homeland. Now after so many years i searched for her, though still unknown.

My Best Friend

She was my friends friend, who always gave me a special attention, who always found time to talk to me though both of us had many more important friends .But of late I did realize that when I really need a ‘friend’ she will be the 1st person to be there, and that was it, she became my best friend, the sister that I didn’t had, someone who kept my secrets , someone who listened to me when I wanted to talk, someone who gave me great advices when I was confused, who gave best ideas when I was out of one, someone who fight with my parents when I had to go outside, our friendship didn’t end in school, we were college friends, our paths were different after that, but we were always a call away. She taught me how to be patient; she taught me life always brings you the best, even when you think your life is going in a bad pace. She taught me that it was always necessary to express as she thought I was always bad at expressing. I went for mba, to join my first job, she was not present, but she made sure she was always aware of what’s happening in my life. The best moment I don’t want to forget is her wedding day, I was happy that she is entering a new life and at the same time I was scared that her priorities are going to change. But reassured me by keeping my updates though she is miles away, I know this is one friendship that has seen all the changes, my school friend, who went to become my college, in fact friend for a life time.

Friends who made a Difference

Some friends I met, very close to my heart, dearest of all, but not my best friend, I always had a tough time defining what they are to me, coz they were close enough to be the best, but something stopped from being the best, they are people who taught me good lessons, people who changed my life, people who I will always remember just for the reason that coz of them I became a better person. It includes my MBA friends, people who showed a new way to see the life, to have a new outlook, to have a big horizon. They taught me to think big and act accordingly. They taught me to be focused on my life. They taught me I should enjoy the life’s journey rather than going behind small problems. They made me enjoy my last college days to the fullest, n of course those friends will be there all the time, n thanks to them, now I have atleast one friend across every nook and corner of the world.
Then there are people I met newly, in a totally new unknown place, starting from the basics, who taught me how small things make a big difference in our life, how it can change. People who taught me saying sorry is not a big thing, its just that it really needs some guts, more importantly its not about saying something, its about whether you really mean it or not. Then there are people who taught me to express myself, who taught me to be more human than devilish. People who taught me its not a crime to love someone, as long as u mean it and do it from your heart, they also taught me love really never affects friendship, though we think it does. They changed my world without changing me, they accepted n appreciated me and scolded me when I am wrong, without hurting me.

The people I mentioned here are those who are and will always be a part of my life, loving me unconditionally and I am proud of having them as my friends.
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Usha said...

i count them when i count my blessings.
in this age of 'friends are for hanging out' times, its a real boon to have friends, the ones you can always fal back on.. and the ones for whom you'd always be there for, no matter what.

Dhanya said...

True tribute to those wonderful people.. I am sure all of will have similar experiences..

Anonymous said...

hey u got nice blog running... :)

PULKIT said...

very well written!

where is the follower widget of ur blog?
how to add this page in blogroll...


Anonymous said...

Wow :) sweet........a true tribute to friends from play school to at present...Everyone will be having nostalgic memories like this.Sometimes even i try to search for my friends who studied with me in 2nd and 3rd standard through social network sites :) ...a sweet post that brought some nostalgic memories:)

Nimitha said...

loved your description about your best friend.. it suits my best friend so perfectly..! i guess best friends are the same everywhere..!

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

Right, gud frnds r always a precious treasure.
:) Thnk u
@all the crap
thnk u :)
:) thx pulkit, n thx 4 the post, blog roll is there in the main page after blogs i follow.
:) thx a lot anish,sme memories r always sweet to remember.
@ Rythm
:) thx rythm, friends r same everywher, no matter wt u call them nor hw u define them, they r always close to u.

Ekam said...

A beautiful post. I think the person who has some true very good frnds is very lucky. Life somehow becomes less tough with frnds around him/her. Hope you are one of them. God bless you :)

All Talk and No Action said...

Some people enter our lives for a limited span...Yet, leave their mark...

We all have such lovely memories...

Here's hoping we cherish all those we have with us and count our blessings...

Amit Kumar Das said...

True friends are a rare species these days and u have got aplenty....not everybody is as blessed as u.... bTWN..reading your post...i visualised a script where a girl is going somewhere....she is on a journey and on the way, through flashbacks she talks about her life and all her friends....and in the climax....she would meet all of these friends in a special get together.........well, a perfect karan johar sort of cinema, u might think....but i guess, it shoudlnt be bad..........keep walking!!!!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post. So many of us take our friends for granted, you know? I hope your friends read this. :)

Lucifer said...

ahhh such a nice way to remember ur frenz...sigh u took me back in time...everytime i read those titles i thot of my own frenz

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

@ Ekam
Yeh, one of the luckiest things in life is to hav frnds who understnd u even whn u r silent. :) thnk u..

@ All talk
:) thats wt frnds r for dear..

@ Anarok
:) thnk u.... :) bt i seriosly doubt whther karan johar wil able to take such a complicated n beauftiful thing.... :) though the idea is gr8..

yeh, smetimes we do take frnds for granted n then suddenly at one point of time, we think hw our life wud hav been if they were nt ther..

@ Mayz
:)thnk u n thx for droping by.. :)