June 22, 2009

On a Rainy Day...!

I just love this monsoon ....this weather, this place and my friends.

After a long time I was with T & A, chatting about everything and nothing, sipping a cup of coffee on a rainy day. I missed their company a lot, not that we were not seeing, but when ever we met I was so pre-occupied that I hated to spoil their mood too with my changing moods that I just preferred to stay alone. So this time it was like union after a long time, I just love them for what they are to me….

Its an awesome feeling, like I am back to life again, after weeks of uncertainty, finally I have an answer, and I am not regretting though I am scared to death. You cant every day break the rules that you follow, I didn’t break, I just didn’t allow others to take my life away from me. I am still feeling bad that I had to take a stand, I still feel bad that I might have hurt my father, I am just hoping that he will understand and will stand by what I believe and not the years old tradition and my relatives. He was more than happy when I send him bouquet on Father’s Day… I know he least expected that from me.... (But then i did made him smile..)

I am more delighted that finally monsoon is here to take away my tears; I don’t want to cry, not anymore. I am happier that I am can finally keep my feet down without fear, of expressing myself. I may have hurt some of my dear ones directly or indirectly, but thank God, they do understand me more than I thought……
Do I need to tell you one more reason why I love this monsoon rain…

Disclaimer : I took the pic from here .. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3228/2813614786_2d9f8ede51.jpg


Dhanya said...

I am glad everything worked out for you :)

You should always stand for what you believe in. It might not be right according to others, but atleast you're being true to yourself! Really proud of you!

Usha said...


you do well! :)

Arv said...

Nature is a great healer :)

keep smiling da...

take care... cheers...

Jayashankar said...

After reading your last post, I was sure that your parents would agree to what you say. I was just waiting to see this one. We would have called you silly; if you had given in. Well done.

All Talk and No Action said...

kya hua?? ghar mai shaadi ke liye pressure tha kya? :)

Amal Bose said...

take care n keep smiling


Mansoon have the power to heel..
i too love rain..
keep smiling.. :)

Randeep said...

I still didn't get whats going on.. But hope everything will be alright..


Praveen said...

everyone in India has a reason to love the monsoons...It can be the most trivial to the most personal..
and this time u have a deeply personal one..and I guess the monsoon is doing a good job at getting u back to ur true self :)

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

:) thx a lot.. i always believ tat if u do smething coz of others pressure, it nvr wrks..

:) Thx a lot dear..

:) thnx.. i will

@ Eashwar
:) thx.... i knw i shud nvr give up..
@ All talk
:) sort of.. nothin new 4 gals na..

@Amal bose
:) Thx amal
@ Sahityika
:) thnk u.. i lov rain...
yeh... it shud b..
:) yeh rite... rain always gives a fresh feeling.. thnk u

Nikhil Menon said...

So nice to hear all's well with you.. :)
Even I am a monsoon person..Nature can do wonderful things to you..You ll come outta dis.. :)

hey,...we have the same skin.. ;P no wonder they say,smart ppl think like..!! :D



Anonymous said...

I am late here but I am so glad I did not miss reading this one. Proud of you, Hugs! -IHM

Anonymous said...

The last comment was for your last post !! The word verification makes commenting very difficult :(

I love the rains too!! Driving in the rain, enjoying a hot cup of tea and just watching the rain is a joy !!! :)

Onward said...

Good for u yaar. To stand up for what u believe in is always the right thing to do. Be true to yourself,thats all that matters.

And no u ve given us more than enuff reasons :)


Ashwadhy said...

The soothing touch of nature and the rain almost just seem to wash away the pain. Enjoyed your post.

Check out this video. Its one of my fav song/ video by Madona.