June 30, 2009

That Stranger I love..!

Enthralling those moments we shared,
i thought it wil never end,
but for a moment of ignorance,
you made me a total stranger.

Here I am, like a kid in a crowd,
searching for a way,only to find dead ends.
I thought you will hold me, when I fall
but all I could see is a familiar face,
walking away from my view.
I wanted to share a million things,

but all i could hear was nothing but silence.


Lucifer said...

oh man!!! that was awesome...sad yet so beautiful!!

Praveen said...

superb! do write more poetry

Dhanya said...

Tragic.. :(

Randeep said...

Bootiful.. No other words.. I wish if it was a lengthy one.


Swetha Padakandla said...

that was a beautiful piece!! :)


Amal Bose said...

beautifully expressed..
good work :-)

Arv said...

One could feel the pain from those words...

Amazing stuff :)

take care da...


Priya Joyce said...

reely beautiful...

Ashwadhy said...

Beautifully crafted. Lot of depth and feel. Keep in coming!

mathew said...

you are tagged..

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

@ Mayz
Thx :)

:) thx, that was sort of trying..
@ Dhanya
:) I knw, things cant b happy always na..
:) thnk u

:) thnk u dear

@ Amal
:) thnk u

@ Arv
:) thnk u. Somtimes writing is the best way to express..

:) thx priya..
:)thnk u.. welcome..

@ Mathew
:) i will surely take it up..

Lakshmi said...

Beautiful... gr8 choice of words...:)