October 28, 2012

Walk with The Stranger !

Have I realized your existence so lately
As I looked into veiled expression of the stranger-
Was it passive or rigid, how could I know!
Memories flooded leaving imprints or was it my illusion
Looking into those eyes for some acquaintance
Alas! I was as wrong as reality struck hard
I got lost again with thoughts reverberating leave alone.
Tears trickle down silently as I stood and walked away
Wondering all the way why I was there,
I looked behind to see you still there,
But you were gone already leaving the puzzles
Shattering a dream, the one was all mine!

Just relocated to Kerala with a job change. This is suppose to be a place i have known well, but seems like i got to start from the basics including my ways of settling down and adjusting to the new city. City is not bad, though i'm taking slightly more than expected time to settle down. If something got neglected the whole time, it would be my blog. It not coz' i didnt have anything to write, it was more coz' i had too much to write. Glad to be back to my space -

Pic Courtesy - Deviantart.com


Bikram said...

All the best in the new place .. Take care


Srishti said...

Gud one but with a pinch. All the best in the new place, changing placed are never a happy business.

Arv said...

All the best and hope to see you writing here often again :)

Vikash Pisharody said...

Welcome to kerala...