December 12, 2012

I Have Learned.. One More Year Acheived !

I have learned that…
Prayers are always answered, though not always the way you want.
Life is intriguingly tough & surprisingly ruthless, but it will never leave you, so long as you hold on.
We always have choices though we end up taking the wrong ones, while craving for the other.
Every person you meet will teach you a lesson, its up to you, to learn from the pain & heartbreaks, or to learn the passion & compassion.
Ignoring a person doesn’t mean, they don’t exist, in actual you might be thinking more than often.
Its easy to ignore your emotions, till you meet someone who can read your silence.
Laughing out is easy; crying from heart is a messy business.
Future is scary, but Your Today was Your Yesterday’s Future.
Special days & special times won’t always come, though we wish happy times come more often & sad times end like a bad dream. The world celebrated & talked about 12.12.12 with all its élan. While I celebrated my b'day with my small bunch of special people. Looking back I don’t see much regrets,  Did learn to take life as it comes? I would miss some people, but guess God had decided better plans for them with him. Looking forward I would need to learn to explain what I feel and listen to my heart, I dont see that happening in the near future though I promised someone that I would work on it. Christmas & New Year is round the corner, the best days of the season, it can never go wrong :)

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Srishti Menon said...

Belated Bday wishes dear! Totally agreeinh with u that life can sometimes be very ruthless, but should never give up. Hav a beautiful year ahead.

KParthasarathi said...

Came through Rohini's blog.
I agree with what all you had said.

Vikash Pisharody said...

Very sweet thoughts ..

May 12.12.12 dint given u that happiness.. But 12.12.13 will be ur lucky day...

God bless u..