July 8, 2009

The 4's..!

I was tagged by Mathew, and as nothing else came to my mind to write, I thought to take it up.
Gave chance to use my brains :)

Four places I have lived...

Trivandrum always gave me the impression of the bygone era of royalty. I am proud to say that some of my best memories of my life stay with this place; I have spent a major part of my student career here. I have never seen anywhere else, the way people encourage you, if you have an interest in dance and music. The city has changed its look with more crowd, traffic and new buildings. But it will always remain my home.

Bangalore aka Bengaluru
I call this my second home, have seen the city even before it become an IT hub. Now I can say that its one of the most happening place in India (though the Bangalore traffic is horrible these days). I love Bangalore for its high energy, vibrant and welcoming spirit. Now that all my cousins are settled there, I have a thousand reasons to go back to the city again.

I will remember Hyd for my MBA days, my last days of college life. Though its bit traditional, unlike other Metros, I still love the city, for a great reasons that it gave me some great friends I ever have. It is the city that tuned me as a person.

Finally, my current home, I can’t say that I love the city, but it’s special for me for many reasons,. Guess I am slowly starting to accept the city as my own. Now I love the Monsoon here, I thought I will miss the monsoon rain until I saw the rain here. Just love the spirit of the people here….. too good.

Four TV shows Iove(d) to watch

Deciding this was bit difficult as I watch TV only for movies and songs. So I had a tough time selecting this one.

Fear Factor
This one I started watching due to my cousin’s pressure, but later even I started to enjoy it, it was great, got a chance to see how adventurous people can be. I have seen the version done Akshay Kumar, but like this one better.

The Oprah Winfrey Show.
Again, this is something I started watching coz I saw my mom interestingly watching an English show for the 1st time. It was great to know about people from different societies and countries sharing their experiences.

American Idol.
I am talking about the 1st versions, which become popular in India before all those reality bizarre. It showed some of the talented singers in English. Now sad to say that, its a kind of business than a healthy competition.

Tom & Jerry
This show is the number one on the list, coz this is something I started watching from school days and I still enjoy watching. There are lots of other cartoons, but this is something that makes me laugh like hell.

4 places I have been on Vacation

I should say, I simply loved the place, for its greenery, for its beautiful coffee plantation, for those waterfalls. I was having this feeling that I am in Kerala, when I went there.

Another beautiful place in India, I think not much people have explored its beauty. Assam is more beautiful on rainy season, with all those tea plantation and forest, it gives an enchanting effect.

It’s a small city, but its very much developed in its own way. With a list of beautiful places side by side, trip to dehradun was memorable, loved the place for its beautiful mountains. Mussoorie is a place you should never miss in Dehradun.

I love munnar for beautiful mountains, lakes, tea plantations and all the greenary, but specialy for its calmness.

Four of my favorite Food

Yummyyyy….. I still remember my childhood days, and the hot ottada prepared by my granny. I still think no one can prepare it the way she did. Guess it has gone way for the junk foods, but that taste is always special.

Kappa & Mulaku Chammanthi
This also I have had only at my granny’s house, but it tastes better than any other food. The best combination I ever tried, though its so spicy that I end up drinking bottles of water.

I will specify that I love Kozhikodan Biriyani. Whenever I went to Calicut, this one have always attracted me with its aroma and taste. I think everyone who once had it, will totally agree with me.

Malabar Paratha
I don’t think I need to explain, how much keralites love this one. Though the best combination is with chicken curry and egg curry, I love this along with Cauliflower.

4 places I would rather be

Now, someone who loves rain should definitely visit this place na?
I have read one book on cherrapunji n I wanted to visit the place from that time onwards. Its very famous for its scenic beauty, though its still need to be explored more.

Its my personal favorite place, I have seen it a lot on pics and plan to go there once.

I have heard a lot about this one, known to the fashion destination. Someday I would love to see this place.

No special reason, i was always attarcted by that time, it seems like it holds lot of mystery.

I wish... If I could list more than 4.

4 things I Hope to do before I die

To take my parents to Netherlands (like I told before, it happens to be my favorite place)

To Build a riverside home of my dreams.(I have this plan in mind for the last sometime now)

To perform dance in Khajuraho (I left dancing long back, so..! )

To write a book. (someday I will publishJ)

Four novels you wish you were reading for the first time

Fountain Head
A great classic of modern days.

Its not about the Bike : My journey back to life
A great book by Lance Armstrong. Its amazing to know how a normal human being can survive the adverse conditions. One of the best real life story on cancer.

My Temporary Son
It’s the true story based on author’s real life, how a small kid is changing their life. There lot of emotional touching moments in this book which I simply love.

Tuesdays with Morris
This is a book that I always keep with me, like a mentor. It has covered all aspects of life so well that you will never be bored by reading it. I have already read it countless times.

Four movies I see over and over

Love this picture for those dramatic and action sequences. Became a fan of Russell Crow I never got bored watching it again and again.

The Matrix
Everything was nice about the movie, the concept, the screenplay, action, screen presence. I still remember for sometime, it was the favorite of all my friends.

A walk to remember
It’s a simple movie with a simple story, one of my all time favorites. Of course! Not to forget those nice songs.

God Father
This is a movie that I watched with my brother for the 1st time, and like he said, it’s a great movie with some great acting. Never really knew about Al Pacino until I watched this one.

I think i was fair in writing this tag...
And this time i would definitly like to pass it to:



Arv said...

hey... this is a nice tag da...

u must come to chennai too :)

nice dreams... work towards it, wish u the best for making them come true... :)

I will do this tag next :)

take care da..


Priya Joyce said...

nice tag re..:)

u've lived in some very cool places..
nice to know more abt thm.

yeh I too hav watched fear factor..nice show..similar shows r comin up..btw..

hehe tom n jerry..my all tym fav cartoon :P

i too luv kappa a lot wth anythng :P lol

God father ws nice one..

luvd goin thru ths :)

Nikhil Menon said...

Excellent tag sis.. :) I loved the food prt and the holiday part the most.. :p Ottada ennoke parayumbozhekkum vaayil vellam varunnoo.. :p Kozhikkodan is a rockstar,glad I dun miss them des days.. :D

Nobody from south India cherishes life in Bombay though with time,you will get used to it.. :)

am stealing this tag.. :D


Anonymous said...

Malabar Paratha, Bangalore, fountain Head, Godfather, Coorg, Paris and A walk to remember ! hmmm we have quite somethings common :) nice tag !!

Dhanya said...

Nicely done :)

Will take this up... coming up next!

mathew said...

Yeah...Its true that TVM esp the Kowdiar really has a different feel unlike rest of the town..I have lived in all the three places except Mumbai...though now a lot of my friends are there..

Kappa and mulakku chammathi..slurp... ;-D though i have affect to have it with spicy hot fish curry..

And yeah I have been to Paris..and i must say its worth the name...truly impressive city..been there twice and both time I enjoyed it..

And yeah..i think Godfather happened to be my first Al pacino movie too..but ever since have been catching up on as many as possible..

Thanks for doing the tag..it was nice reading it. :-)

All Talk and No Action said...

walk to remember ?!!

My fave too !!

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

:) I hav been to chennai, lov the ppl more than the place, my best friend is frm there.. :)

:)thx.. i have always been a cartoon fan..
:)Thx.. very very true..initially lot of adjustment probs..


:)thx..Waiting for ur tag!!
:)thx... i really njoyed doing the tag...
:)wow is it..!! its one of my fav..

Arv said...

do write me a mail :)

Biju said...

American Idol and the many reality shows are now sort of a business. I have written a blog on reality shows.

Munnar also featured in my tag of 4. Kappa and mulakuchammandi yummm, fish curry combination would be rated higher for me and featured on my tag of 4. :-)

Paris is a beautiful city.

The movies are also top pickings for me too. Good post DI.

Usha said...

:) you're a hill stations person! hifives!

why oh why did you have to write about THOSE food? all my faves. btw, I had picked up a foolish fight once, with a bunch of punju colleagues who claimed their naan was better than our parotta!! what comparison I say! how could any self respecting parotta n muttacurry loving mallu stand such utter nonsense?!