July 29, 2009

Bouquet of Happiness..!

Those flowers are fresh and green
With time, it will also fade away
But you will be remembered
As long as I take my breathe .
You may never know coz
Sometimes words are not enough.

What a beautiful way to end my day, I was with A and T, roaming around the city till sleep calls. It was supposed to end as just another day, but my best buddies made it special. I don’t need surprises to make my day, but then it made my day. I think it may not be an easy task to bid adieu to Mumbai, when the time finally comes. I have realized many times that the way to happiness is to spent time with your dear ones, not in getting more money and fame. When it comes to success & happiness I can’t count the number of degrees I have or the number of positions I got. It’s more about how many people I have met and how I made a difference.


Lucifer said...

is dat d magic of d city or magic of frenz??

Dhanya said...


Glad to know you're all happy happy!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog..very well arranged..:)

First time here but read a nice piece.


Arv said...

its always nice to see people in this mood...

keep the happiness flowing :)

take care..


Randeep said...

wooo happy :)

Tara said...

Keep smiling! :)

PS-Why the word verif ya? :-o

Vinz said...


sometimes words are not enough..!!
well written..

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

:) I guess its both..
:) thx.. i think i shud be..
welcome to my blog.. thnkx
:) Guess everyone needs sme change or may b i learned to ignore many things...
:) Thx..
thx.. u too
:) thx.. i hav felt that many times..

All Talk and No Action said...

You leaving/already left Mumbai??

I hope you have enjoyed your stay here...

And here's wishing that you get all the happiness that you deserve :-)