July 24, 2009

Changing Seasons..!

World is so small! I am not making a statement here, I am just wondering, how we meet some people, we thought we wont meet for ages and then get surprised ending up asking “Hey its you”. Then to catch up with lot of things happening and updating about each others life. That’s a great feeling.

On the other day, my childhood mate V called me after a long time. I had almost forgotten that, he even exists in my friends list. It’s been years since we lost contact, great to get my friend back.

My best friend M is back in India, she always made sure, that distance and time won’t affect our relation. I thought I lost my good friend when she got married, I thought things wont be same after her marriage, but that was just a fear which never happened. She send me a gift, all the way from her place, and I can’t tell how much touched I was, not for the gift, but the reason behind sending it.

She is going to be a mother soon, though I didn’t really liked the idea of promoted as aunty so soon, but there is an excitement to see your childhood friend, to see in more matured and caring way, I know she will be a great mother.

Life is not going great, but can’t say its going bad. When I think I won’t be able to handle many things, life shows me that I can, though it may cost a lot. The irony is that I can see that I am becoming less emotional as each day passes. I know I can make my days great with cup of coffee in my hand and a book by my side, but that’s not life is about.. Even I started missing my devilish side.

I know life play the most unusual way, these days lot of good things are happening around that’s bringing a smile in my face.
Stupid me, I thought God is too busy listening to others.


Arv said...

Have a lovely time :)

God is always listening :)

take care da... cheers...

Srishti Menin said...

:) Every one needs a change, for good. Good to know that things are finally coming back in place..
njoy... take care

Priya Joyce said...

awww life brings so many delightful moments something similar u're enjoying now...


Dhanya said...

What has happened to you? All your posts are having a tinge of sadness.. Cheer up girl... What's ur mail id?

Tara said...

Our experiences are so similar! I wished this friend on his birthday and he was my classmate in the 9th! :) But it was nice to catch up on things, and bring all the lost ends together! :)

I guess God is listening, though I myself question his existence a number of times. :( Guess he's just having a good laugh seeing us! Keep smiling God! :)

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

:) Thx..
u too tc..

:)thx da, good 2 c u here after long time..
:) hmm yeh..totally njoying..
I think everyone goes through a bad phase.. sadly its reflecting in my writings too..
:) yeh..
God nt just listens.. he responds too whn the right time comes.. tc

Randeep said...

Aunty :)