July 11, 2009

Holding Me Close to Life..!

All I wanted to do that time was call him. When I heard his voice, I couldn’t tell anything, I was crying like a baby and I didn’t knew the reason. Like always my father was there listening, he didn’t ask me what happened? Nor he asked why are you crying? Nor he scolded me for acting so childish.

This is us and we were always like this. Whenever there was something I couldn’t handle, Papa was there holding me. I have seen people telling that you can never be friend with your father. But it was easy for me, no matter whatever it is, I used to tell him. I sometimes expected him to scold, to get angry, to be more rigid, to be stricter, but he was always calm. There were times I thought he won’t understand me, but he always understood, he used to understand things just by hearing my voice, my tone, it was more than enough. He broke family rules coz he thought its hurting his kids too much. He stands by us for what I and my brother believes and corrected us when we were wrong.

I still remember my first day of school; he sat beside me in the class, until he was sure that I will be fine alone. He had sleepless nights when I had exams, he also sit late till I finished my studies. He was the one who was more tensed than my mom when I went for my first dance competition and I saw tears in his eyes when I got the prize. He asked for my choice when I was joining college. He supported me and gone against family rules when I went for my higher studies. During placement time, when the first company came to campus, I was just giving a try, but when I called my father at night to tell the happy news, he immediately told “congrats, I knew you will crack” even before I opened my mouth. I didn’t know that I will, but he had full belief.

When I came to Mumbai, I didn’t want to stay, but my father knew that I will be fine, I will accept the new world like always. Whenever he was away, he made sure to call me everyday.
Now when I am not able to understand myself, a time I don’t expect anyone to understand me, he was there reassuring me. He was again giving me choices, and he was fine with what ever decision I take. I am still a kid for him; and I will always remain like that no matter how old I become.

My father never liked me crying, coz he wanted his girl to be strong to handle any emotions. I know I should be stronger, but I was glad that my papa was there, when I was totally clueless about taking emotional things. He was holding me one more step close to my life. I am always known to be a Papa’s gal and I am very proud about that.

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Arv said...

God bless ya :)

Amal Bose said...

for a father, the child would always be a kid no matter how old he/she gets..

i cant express how much i miss my father after reading this post though he had called only a few minutes ago..
brilliant post
tc :)

Ashwadhy said...

To a daddy's girl... I know. I was nodding at most of the lines... God bless the both of you.

Made me miss my dad. Reminds me, I have to dig for that old piece and poem I wrote for him. Hope I find them.

Priya Joyce said...

My parents r my best buddies...n this is not copied frm film "yaadein" ;)

I mean it...and i reely dun understand people who don't see their parents as friends..but rather as some idols whom we hav ta worship(respect n listen to)

a wonderful post :)

hattsss off to u for this :)

Dhanya said...

That was sweet :) Your pops sounds like a gem of a person...

God bless u both...

All Talk and No Action said...

I can identify with everything said here.

I guess Dads are always the pillars of strength for all daughters...

Nikhil Menon said...

No who said men were stone walled and rock faced towards genuine emotions??? :)

Very nice post..something makes me feel good after reading this.. :)

Take care..


Dhanya said...

I could identify with almost all that you wrote here.. My eyes are overflowing..It reminds me of what I missed last one year and will keep missing forever - every single day..

Anonymous said...

Great emotion and brilliant post.... :)


Colors of Life said...

thts so sweet..
u r lucky to have such a sweet papa..
by d way i hv listen tht girls are more close to their father..

very touching post.. :)

Randeep said...

Lucky girl. I thought only my daughter ""will be"" that lucky.. there s others too ;)


Vinz said...


Onward said...

wow...thats a very touching post di.

Your affection and your love for your dad is evident in each and every word u ve penned...i personally feel its easier for a gal to be attached to the dad ..i dunno y..but whenever i look around..tats wat i see.

i personally am attached to my mom more...not that me and dad dont get along just tat me being the first child..it always works that way :D

Of all the posts i ve read of urs..i liked this one the best :)