July 22, 2009

As I Retrospect...

As another day ends with,
Memories of the bygone days of innocence,
Feeling the monsoon rain dripping down my face,
Missing those get-togethers of laughter and fun,
Looking at the gift send by my dear friend,
Listening to my favourite song,
Embracing the solitude of my new life.
I realize, finally the time has come-
to start my journey back to home.


Rahil said...

gud one.. :)

Priya Joyce said...

awwww...gonna miss all eh?

nice one

Nikhil Menon said...

That was a nice read..but left with one mega confusion?? :P are u off home from work or are u off to kerala?? :D

Take care DI.. :)


Arv said...

and dont we all love that soul searching :)

nice one mate... take care... cheers...

Usha said...

the best journeys in life are the ones that take you home.

Praveen said...

thr's no place like home :D

S said...

Wonderfully worded !

Deeply felt !

And really touched ! :)

Yes, I miss it all too, not much of a poet, but this poem how beautifully in those very few lines described, what a 1000 words post couldn't do !!

Well done :)

Come back to my blog, leave ur devilish comments there too :D @In love with me and life :)

And yes you have been tagged too, take it up in case u haven't done it already :)

Onward said...

i m confused...going back home??..do xplain..

oh btw..sorry for missing so many posts..i m on em :D


Amal Bose said...

journey back home.. i always enjoyed those journeys...

nice poem..